Rose in a box
Rose d'Anvers
As a symbol of Antwerp

Rose d'Anvers, rose and diamond, stunning symbols of nature's talent for creating two of the most beautiful icons in the universe.

Diamond Museum Rose Diamond
Soft, Scented, Delicate, Alluring, Enchanting
Brilliant, Scintillating, Tantalizing, Enduring

Rose d'Anvers was created in Antwerp, for a millennium a pulsing, pioneering port city and Europe's heart of culture, learning, painting, and printing.


For thousands of years roses and diamonds have captured the imaginations of men and women and inspired and uplifted their senses.

A rose, superb in its natural beauty and understated elegance, traces mother natures' delicate signature of swirling petals.

A diamond is nature's maestro of light refraction and fire. For centuries, sacred, symbolic, interpreter par excellence of Antwerp's exquisite craftsmanship, scintillation, and brilliant light refraction.

In a world marked by change and challenged by disruption, Antwerp's Rose d'Anvers connects the eternal truths of integrity, beauty and resilience and the people who uphold these values.

Rose d' Anvers sublime symmetry symbolizes reciprocal respect, love, and the recognition of each person's safe space and security.

Cathedral Rubens
Rose in a box

Rose d' Anvers, a duet fo the rose, royal representative of nature's floral treasury, and diamond, peerless pinnacle of nature's synthesis of heat, pressure and the volcanic velocity of the primal elements.

Confronted with today's hijacking of humility, respect and love by greed, egoism and aggression, Rose d'Anvers celebrates and connects those with grace, gratitude and generosity of spirit.

Antwerp's Diamond History

Antwerp's master craftsmen perfected the geometry of gemology, calibrating the angled algorithms of a diamond's light, fire and brilliance to achieve the shimmering radiance of a thousand burning candles on an altar top.

Antwerp Diamond Bourse
Signature Cut

The history of diamonds and the rose serendipitously crossed when master diamond cutters first pioneered the rose cut diamond shape.

Early milestone in the evolution of diamond polishing, the rose cut revealed the first hints of the hidden brilliance in a rough diamond.

Popular in the past and collected by connoisseurs today, rose cut diamonds represented the state of diamond polishing knowledge for several hundred years.

Antwerp's coat of arms

Antwerp's city fathers long dedicated to tying the city's fortunes to the noblest, aspirational qualities, included the rose in its coat of arms.

Antwerp Coat of Arms

Thus, the city of Antwerp has proudly celebrated the rose and the diamond, the latter most recently through its “Antwerp Diamond Capital since 1447” initiative.

Rose d'Anvers is a magical link between nature and craftsmanship, between the rose and the natural beauty of the world and, man's genius for the transformation of a building block of the universe into splendid, sparkling diamonds.

Connecting Antwerp icons in a contemporary spirit
Rose with Diamonds

Today, Rose d'Anvers symbolizes the soft-hand spirit of the rose and the beating diamond heart of Antwerp.

Setting a contemporary standard of Antwerp craftsmanship and style, Rose d'Anvers fills the space with an aura of beauty and grace signifying the best of the universe.

An impeccable elegant match of nature's nurturing and man's craftsmanship, Rose d'Anvers celebrates our universe by offering the natural beauty of an exquisitely presented, stunning rose, stippled with natural polished diamonds.

The Unique Rose d'Anvers Diamond

Drawing on her life experiences to feed her curiosity and stimulate her interest Rosalie Bogaard has referenced music, dance, art design, and culture, to challenge assumptions and nudge society to a better place.

In 2018, paying tribute to Antwerp Diamond Capital since 1447 and celebrating the tradition of the rose and rose cut diamonds Rosalie Bogaard sought out Antwerp's most talented diamond cutters to design a new Rose d'Anvers Pentagram diamond cut.

Drawing on Antwerp's unique diamond techno-craftsmanship, Rosalie Bogaard's master craftsmen successfully polished the Pentagram's spirit, water, fire, earth and air, onto every Rose d'Anvers diamond.

Now, the Rose d'Anvers Pentagram diamond empowers the wearer with the alignment of the Pentagram's life forces. Set to delight and dazzle and cut and polished to sublime perfection, each Rose d'Anvers Pentagram diamond is sold with a personalized HRD certificate.

The Rose d'Anvers Pentagram is one of the world's most desirable diamonds, inspired and polished in Antwerp which has transmitted diamond knowledge to the four corners of the world, for centuries.

The Rose d'Anvers Pentagram diamond is a cut for the age, reflecting beauty, passion and the magic of life.

HRD Certificate