Rosa echoes the color of Antwerp and real love, a perfect match for “Antwerp loves diamonds.” Only the highest quality roses and diamonds are selected for Rose d’Anvers.

Rosa needs personal care and is a constant reminder of the person who gave this precious diamond gift to you. Rose Ø 9 -10 cm, Diamonds: Rose cuts 0.18 ct D E color VVS


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Antwerp Weapon Shield

Antwerp Rose d'Anvers Handmade Jewels

Earrings Palladium whitegold 18kt.

Earrings, Palladium whitegold 18kt. Diamant briljant, 2 - 0.12ct. VS1/F

Hanger Palladium whitegold 18kt.

Hanger, Palladium whitegold 18kt. Diamant briljant, 1- 0.06ct. VS1/F Diamant briljant, 77 - 0.62ct. VS1/F

Ring Rosegold 18k

Ring, Rose gold 18k Diamond brilliant, 16 - 0.16ct. VS1/F