Rose d'Anvers Coat of Arms
Signature Cut
HRD Certificate

The Unique Rose d'Anvers Pentagram Diamond

In designing the Rose D’Anvers Pentagram diamond the creative team referenced music, dance, art, design and history, to challenge assumptions and create a superb diamond symbol of mother earth and nature.

In 2018, paying tribute to “Antwerp World Diamond Capital Since 1447” and celebrating the tradition of the rose cut diamond, the team sought out Antwerp’s most talented diamond cutters to design a new Rose D’ Anvers Pentagram diamond cut.

Drawing on Antwerp’s undisputed and unique diamond techno-craftsmanship, master cutters polished the Pentagrams’ essence of spirit, water, fire, earth and air, onto every Rose D’Anvers diamond.

The Rose D’Anvers Pentagram diamond empowers the wearer with the alignment of the Pentagram’s life forces.

Set to delight and dazzle, cut and polished to sublime perfection, each Rose D’Anvers Pentagram diamond is sold with a personalized HRD Certificate.

Inspired and polished in Antwerp, for centuries the source of diamond knowledge to the four corners of the world, the Rose D’ Anvers Pentagram diamond is one of the world’s most desirable diamonds.

The Rose D’ Anvers Pentagram is a cut for the age, quite simply reflecting, beauty, precision, passion and the magic of life.